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June 05, 2008


I've seen a few MBA application forms so far and I've never seen a field/section within the form asking for information such as criminal records, etc. How is one then suppose to convey this info? Is it then mandatory to incorporate that info in one's essays?

Just curious

Some schools do ask for the information, but do not volunteer information about a criminal record and other negatives unless asked. If asked, don't omit it.

In the case of academic discipline, realize that it will probably appear on your transcript. In that case, explanation is usually in order even if not specifically requested.

Linda Abraham

if you state that you should not volunteer the information unless asked (i guess not even in the optional essay), won't the school find out anyway when they do the supposed 'background check,' in which case they could assume you purposely omitted that information?

This is where specifics are determinative and general guidelines aren't effective. It would depend what we are talking about, what the optional questions ask for, and what the rest of the application asks for.

Again, if they ask for it, you are obligated to disclose.


Oh, so if the optional essay suggests talking about your "work history, GMAT, undergrad" then we can assume that any other personal history stories would be irrelevant? The comment above about the background check is a very good point.

It really depends on the wording of the optional question.


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